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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. P.R. Sharma (Bhattarai)
Particular areas of expertise/research
Posts held in the past
Other professional experiences & Awards
Surname: Sharma
First Name: Pushpa Raj
Date of birth: 16 June 1948
Sex: Male
Place of birth: Tansen, Palpa District, Lumbini Zone, Nepal.
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: Nepali


Institute of Medicine
PO Box: 2533.
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Fax: (977-1) 418 186. E-Mail: psharma@healthnet.org.np


Present Post:

Professor of Paedratric
KMC from July 2011

IOM up to June 2011

Health Learning Materials Centre
Institute of Medicine

Institutional Review Board

Subject Committee, Obsterics/Gynaecology and Pediatrics

Faculty Board

Professor in Child Health
Institute of Medicine
Trubhuwan University
Kathmandu, Nepal

Head of Department of Paediatric

IMCI focal person; Pre-service training.


Education: Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery 1972 Calcutta University, India.

Diploma in Child Health 1981 Dublin, Ireland.

Diploma in Tropical Child Health 1982 Liverpool University, U. K.

Fellow of the College of Surgeons and Physicians (FCPS) 1998 Pakistan

Special courses: Systematic Course Design 1977 Boston University and Tribhuwan University.

Educational Science for
Teachers of Health Professionals 1977 Jakarta, Indonesia.

Medical Education Course 1980 Bangkok,

Post graduate training, Paediatric lung desease and Paediatric intensive care in 1987 Sydney


A. Books
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  2. Sharma PR. Pocket Book of Practical Paediatric Problems. 4th ed. Health Learning Materials Center, Nepal, 1999.
  3. Sharma PR. Paediatric respiratory, diarrhoeal and renal diseases.
    In: Joshi M, Adhikari R, ed. Drug Therapeutic Hand Book. Health Learning Materials Center, Nepal 1996.
B. Articles in International Journals:
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C. Papers presented in International Conferences
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  2. Pandey MR, Sharma PR, Neupane RP. Preliminary report of a community study of childhood ARI in Nepal. International workshop in ARI in childhood. Australia. August . 1984
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  5. Sharma PR, Baral M. Peptilose based ORS in the treatment of dehydration. Asian congress on diarrhoeal diaseases. Pakistan. 1992
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  10. An experience with the teaching of Integrated Management of Childhood Ilnesses (IMCI) in undergraduate student of Institute of Medeicine, Kathamandu, Nepal. Intercountry workshop on IMCI, WHO, Geneva; November 2-5, 1999; Genevas
D. Articles in National Journals:
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Particular areas of expertise/research:
1. Acute Respiratory Infections:
  1. Co-investigator: UNICEF funded project " Role of malnutrition and other environmental factors in morbidity and mortality due to acute respiratory infections in infants and children of Nepal".
    (completed '87)
  2. Principal investigator: CIDA funded project "Aetiological agents of acute respiratory infections in Nepalese children of 2 months up to
    5 years".
    (completed '94)
  3. Principal investigator: Use of Oral Rehydration Therapy Center of Kanti Children's Hospital as a short stay facility for treating children with severe pneumonia in children aged 3 months to 5 years.
    (completed 1997)
  4. Project Director: Population (Hospital) Based Surveillance for Pneumonia with Detection Streptococcus Pneumoniae in Kanti Children.s Hospital. Funded by PneumoADIP of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. (from November 2004, will continue for two years).
2. Curriculum development:
  1. Chairman of the team to develop" Curriculum for the
    Auxiliary Health Worker, under the Institute of Medicine,
    Thribhuwan University.
  2. Member of the curriculum development team for the MBBS,
    DCH and MD(GP) under the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuwan University.
3. Diarrhoeal diseases:
  1. National consultant for the training of different cadres of
    health workers.
  2. Principal investigator: Does zinc supplementation in children
    enhance the mucosal and systemic immune response to the
    cholera vaccine?
    (NUFU funded project: completed 1999)
  3. Principal investigator: Randomized double blind control study on the role of Zinc in reducing the duration of acute watery diarrhoea in community.
    (NUFU funded project: Study completed in 2001.)
Posts held in the past:
  1. Medical officer, 1972-1977.
    His Majesty's Government of Nepal.
  2. Campus chief,
    Auxiliary Health Worker Campus,
    Institute of Medicine. 1978-1980.
  3. Lecturer in Child Health,
    Institute of Medicine. 1977- 1985.
  4. Head of the Department of Child Health,
    Institute of Medicine. 1994-1995.
  5. WHO temporary advisor for the training Sept. '94 (Male),
    of trainers in ARI program. Apr. '95 (Bangladesh)
    Dec. '95 (Pokhra).
  6. WHO temporary advisor for the development
    of ARI-CDD Materials designed for use of
    Anganwadi Workers. Aug. '96.1-9 New Delhi.
  7. WHO Intercountry training course for
    consultants on Integrated Management
    of Childhood Illness. Aug. '97. Kathmandu.
  8. National facilitator for the training of health
    workers in Integrated Management of
    Childhood Illness. Nov. '97. Kathmandu.
  9. Member of the CHD Technical Advisory Group
    WHO Geneva 1998, 1999,2000,2001
  10. Facilitators training course in Integrated Jan. 5-9, '98
    Management of Childhood Illness Kathmandu.
  11. Facilitator training course in IMCI at
    Samarang. Indonesia, 98
  12. Facilitator: IMCI training course Indonesia, 98
  13. Facilitator: IMCI demonstration course New Delhi, India
    July, 1999
  14. Facilitator: Intercountry Training Course
    IMCI, Kathamndu, Nepal Nepal, September, 1999.
  15. Focal person: Pre-service IMCI training
  16. Intercountry workshop on IMCI pre WHO, Geneva, Nov.
    service training 1999.
  17. Facilitator: Demonstration course on
    IMCI Myanmar, October,1999.
  18. WHO STC IMCI Preservice training IMCI University of Pretoria,
    South Africa, 2001.
  19. Examiner Fellow of the College of
    Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan
    (FCPS) in Paediatrics February, 2001.
  20. Examiner Kathmandu University
Other professional experiences:
  1. Chief Editor - Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society 1988- 1993
  2. Member of the Editorial Board - Journal of Nepal Medical Association
  3. Member of the Editorial Board -Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society
  4. Member of the Editorial Board - Journal of Institute of Medicine
  5. President : Nepal Paediatric Society 2001-2003. Paediatric Association of SAARC countries. 2001-2002
  6. Chief Editor: Journal of Institute of Medicine (to date)
  1. Nepal Paediatric Society Gold Medal for the best article presented
    in the Second Nepalese Congress of Paediatrics - 1983.
  2. Amar Pahari Literary Award for the book : Child Health (Nepali) 1989.
  3. University Literary Award of Tribhuwan University 2057 (2001).
  4. 25 years service university medal 2058 (2002).
  5. Certificate of appreciation, Institute of Medicine 2059 (2002)