Some facts to keep your life joyful.doc
Ten facts to keep your life joyful
1. Never expect what you desire from others.
2. Keep only necessities around you.
3. Try to adjust with minimum requirement.
4. Give to needy if you have extra.
5. Read regularly philosophy books.
6. Take holidays with your family.
7. Do regular exercises.
8. Eat healthy foods.
9. Keep yourself busy with healthy works.
10. Enjoy your job, which gives you livelihood.
Ten points in the art of speaking

1. Your facial expression is readable by others.
2. Others feel politeness.
3. When others heart is hurt you will not feel.
4. Slow speech is understandable.
5. Keeping right words is soothing to ear.
6. Anger changes the tone. It is audible in phone.
7. Speaking with smile does not cost money and does not take extra time.
8. Too much speaking brings unwanted conversation.
9. Give and take time to listen.
10. Make an eye contact. Observe likes or dislikes.