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Guidelines for MD Paediatric Residents
IX. Schedule of teaching/learning activities
Sunday:   9-10 First and third : Radiodiagnosis
Second: Topic presentation(1st Year RS)
Fourth: Topic presentation(2nd Year RS)
  Morning 9-10  
    9-12 MBBS problem solving cases
  Afternoon 1-2 Admitted cases discussion (unit Two)
Monday Morning 9-10 First Monday: Topic presentation( 3rd year RS)
Second Monday: Last month's morbidity seminar Third Monday: Journal club meeting (2nd yearRS)
Fourth Monday: Problem solving
  Afternoon 1-2 First Monday: Topic presentation (1st year RS)
Second Monday: Case of the month (RS)
Third Monday: Topic presentation (2nd year RS)
Fourth Monday: Topic presentation ( 3rd RS)
Tuesday     Ward round, OPD
Wednesday Morning 9-10 Computer training, thesis discussions.
Faculty presentation
  Afternoon 1-2 Second Wednesday: Perinatal meeting
Thursday Morning 9-10 First Thursday: Bedside(2nd r RS)
Second Thursday: Bedside (3rd year RS)
Third Thursday: Bedside (3rd year RS)
Fourth Thursday: Bedside (3rd year RS)
  Afternoon 1-2 Admitted cases discussion (Unit One)
Friday     Ward round, OPD

· Ward rounds every day 10-12
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