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Guidelines for MD Paediatric Residents
IV. Bhaktapur community paediatrics posting:
Residents will be posted once a week to Siddhi Memorial Mother and Child Hospital during their second year residency. They will visit different schools and the community satellite clinic of the Institute of Medicine. They should report to the Field Director and take active part in the following programs:

a. School health programs.
b. Adolescent health programs.
c. Community research

V. Ward work-up

Admission day:
1. Do quick ward round and attend OPD at 9.00 AM
2. Attend OPD cases.
3. Admit cases. Do not write history in the OPD but only necessary treatment and investigations. All admitted cases should be seen by senior resident of the unit.
4. Allot cases to interns to write history and supervise them
5. Attend the observation ward and sort out the cases.
6. Prepare the cases for the presentation to the consultant.

Post admission day:
1. Must know the working diagnosis of each patient.
2. Should give the evidence for their working diagnosis.
3. Should scientifically justify the treatment that has been provided.
4. Should give the plan for further investigations and treatment.

Third day:
1. All investigations as planned must be available. If it is not available he/should justify for the non-availability.
2. Case notes must be completed including detailed history, examination and plan of investigations.
3. Guardian of the patient must know the provisional/confirmatory diagnosis.
4. Guardian of the patient must know the home care of the disease the child is suffering from

All days:
1. Should check the daily follow-up notes Under the SOAP format if not complete should complete it.
2. Is responsible for the care provided under the unit head
3. Should be available in the hospital during the duty hours, except during the classes.
4. Should check the written discharge notes, sign and write own name in capitals.
5. Should supervise juniors on assigned activities.

VI. Internal assessments:

Internal assessments will be based on the observation of the work performances based on the evaluation form, this will be done by the head of the unit at the end of unit posting and two clinical bedside practical examinations. These practical examinations will be held at the end of first and second year. The formats of these examinations are very similar to the final examination.
VII. Log Book
Residents should maintain a log book in the following format and it must be signed by the consultant every month. This log book must be submitted to the department at the end of each posting.

Month…………Year………..Resident Name………………… …….. Consultant……………..

Date Procedures/activities
performed Signature of the consultant

VII. Evaluation
Residents should present the evaluation form to the unit head of the unit where they are working for the evaluation and submit the evaluated form to the Department .
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